Payam Toni

Date of Birth: 20.07.1980

Place of Birth: West Berlin, Germany


Admission to Muzik Schule after Kindergarten at the age of 5

1996: High School Graduation Diploma, Tehran

2002: Bachelor’s Degree in the Field of Music, Tehran

Violin Training Courses

Since 1986: Classes Held by Maestro Homayoun Khorram (for 8 years) 

1990-1991: Classes Held by Maestro Habibollah Badiei

1991-1993: Classes Held by Maestro Asadollah Malek

1994-1995: Classes Held by Maestro Parviz Yahaghi

1996-1999: Classic Violin Playing, Classes Held in Russia under the supervision of Maestro Avanesian (for 3 years)

Live Performances and Concerts

Since 1988: Ham – Navazaan  Orchestra Conducted by Maestro Homayoun Khorram

1987: Commemoration of Maestro Gholam Hossein Banan at Azadi Tower, Tehran

1989: Ceremony for Maestro Majid Mohseni at City Theater – Tehran (at the age of 9)

Also, various other performances with celebrated Iranian traditional and pop singers during the past years.

Studio Recordings

– First Recording Experience at Bell Studio at the age of 13

– Playing Violin for Mosafer [Traveller], Adam va Hava [Adam & Eve], Dehati [Villager], etc. Albums by Shadmehr Aghili

– Delshooreh Album, etc. by Khashayar Etemadi

– Recording of Songs such as Parandeh [Bird] for Iraj Khajeh Amiri

– Recording of Songs such as Gol-e-Eshgh [Flower of Love] for Akbar Golpaigani

– Recording of Songs such as Gol Pooneha for Iraj Bastami

– Recording of more than 36 songs for Alireza Eftekhari

– Collaboration on Paria Album by Majid Akhshabi

– Recording several songs such as “Ta Kei Be Tamana” by Abdolhossein Mokhtabad

– Recording various songs for Ali Asghar Shah Zeidi

– Collaboration on 3 Albums by Reza Sadeghi

– Collaboration on Nafas-haye Bihadaf and Rag-e Khab by Mohsen Yeganeh

Also recording numerous songs for other pop singers such as:

Nima Masiha, Mani Rahnama, Hossein Zaman, Farzad Farzin, Hamid Asgari, late Morteza Pashayi, late Behnam Safavi, etc.

After years of gaining experience in the field of Iranian Music, playing and supervising various string ensembles, he has been able to create, produce and perform songs with completely eastern themes and accents with this western instrument by using the techniques of classical music in playing the violin and he is a pioneer in this area.

This could be acknowledged by studying the works produced by this artist since 2001 till now and the course of evolution of string orchestral arrangements in pop songs.

Being sponsored by Delan Cultural-Artistic Complex in the recent years, he has started his mission in teaching and training a new generation of string instrument players in his own style.



He is currently the instructor, maestro and founder of Classical VIP Chamber Orchestra.